Cool Facts on the Vivo Y73


Why buy Vivo Y 73? It’s available in attractive hues and boasts an ultra-slim design. It’s an all-time iconic brand you can proudly call your own.

It’s an exciting new addition to the line-up of Google Android devices. It comes with the exciting voguish Google Now capability, which gives you personalized information on your next appointment, weather forecast, traffic, bus times and many more. In addition to all this, it has a great camera along with a super-thin design and a high-quality, crisp display. It even has an octa-core MediaTek Helio G Series processor, which gives you an amazing 46 percent boost in processing speed over the last generation. The phone also comes with a funtouch os eleven.1 based Android operating system, featuring a unique user interface that allows you to enjoy the best of what Android can offer. vivo y73

The Yonder Plus from Vivo comes with a powerful dual-core Aqmia processor, Adreno A9 sensor, and a 8GB cards for the data storage and networking needs. The device also comes with a premium leather design and a full keyboard. If you need to work on your Vivo Y73 for hours at a time, there is no need to worry since it comes with a high-speed, quad-core MSMM (mobile service management) and a large amount of RAM for smooth and fast operations. You can expect superb connectivity features including GPRS, EDGE and USB for data sharing.

The powerful chipset and the exciting camera help make the Vivo Y73 one of the most compelling smartphones available today. The striking camera and the fun touch screen are two reasons why this phone from Vivo is such a great buy. This phone has all the necessary features that will satisfy even the most ardent gadget fans. It comes with two gigabytes of memory and a micro SD slot for additional storage expansion. The vivo y 73 comes with an intuitive user interface that is enhanced by Google Android interface, a unique dual-camera, and a powerful processor.

The fantastic features of the Vivo Y73, however, lie in its advanced security system. With the Vivo Y73, you get complete protection against thefts thanks to its built-in OMAEface anti-theft mechanism. With this mechanism, you get three features in one: anti-tampering, anti-spyware and fingerprint protection. The built-in OMAEface allows the device to lock the touch screen or the home button when it senses movement near it. This dual-protection system along with the single front camera setup make the Yoice perfect for business people, who can rest assured that they will not be left vulnerable.

The vivo y73 also gives you the liberty of choosing between a single rear and front camera. Although, with a single rear camera, you get no optical zoom, but the 2 MP ultra hd main camera and a self-cleaning sensor. When it comes to a single front camera, the Yoice gives you the freedom of choosing between optical and digital zoom.

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